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This is now a Youtube centered blog, rather than Jacksgap centered. You'll still see Jack and Finn though! :)

This blog is sorta new and I'm trying to build it up, so tags may be empty! Please be patient and I'll try to get this running smoothly by 2014. Thank you!

Also, gif requests are open! Feel free to leave me an ask, say hi, I'd love to get to know people in the fandom :D

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make me choose | troyelicious and snugglesivan asked: troye or tyler

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Loosing Zoes Guinea Pig | Sims With Zoella #7

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@TheHazelHayes: At The Amazing #Spiderman premiere. Here’s me sprinkleofglitr and @danisnotonfire having the bants! http://instagram.com/p/mnocARPiOQ/

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Zoe Sugg, Louise Pentland, Tanya Burr.

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And now, we’re going out. Come along and join us on this merry adventure.


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